TWO Saints legends were honoured with doctorates at a Hampshire university.

FA Cup winning manager Lawrie McMenemy and former skipper Francis Benali were both made doctors of sport at Southampton Solent University.

It was a double celebration for the Benali family as it came just days after the former full back watched his daughter Kenzie graduate from the same university.

Meanwhile, Naomi Climer, president and fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology was awarded an honorary doctorate in engineering.

Naomi, who has worked for the BBC and ITV and was the first female president of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, campaigns for gender diversity in her field.

She was named International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM) Industry Woman of the Year in 2014 and was this year listed as one of the Daily Telegraph's most influential female engineers in the UK.

“This is a massive honour for me and I take it on behalf of my family,” said Lawrie. “If you’re successful in any walk of life you have to have people behind you. I’ve been lucky, I’ve got the best wife in the world, and without her I wouldn’t have got anywhere."

In his address to the new graduates, Lawrie said: “It probably took you three of four years to get a degree, it’s took me about 44 years. And when you get on a bit, and believe me I am, you start looking back and you wonder if you should have done something different, made a different decision.

"You are at that stage where you’re looking forward but now and again, if you’re on your own, just have a think and sit and ask, am I doing the right thing now?

"Am I justifying all that hard work, by parents, by teachers, and yourselves, are you doing it right?”

Benali said: "Thank you so, so much; I am truly humbled, honoured and proud to receive this honorary doctorate.

“Also, thank you for the opportunity to tick something off my bucket list, which is the chance to dress up as a medieval nobleman.”

In an address to the students, Benali said: To the teaching staff at Solent University, I’ve had the pleasure of going along and giving a number of guest lectures at the University and to the students, that is something I would like to continue to do into the future.

“I’ve also come across colleagues from my football days who are now working at the University teaching and inspiring you as young students in your future lives. So from me, it’s a big thank you for what they have done for me in the past, but also on behalf of the students to thank the teaching staff at Solent for all the amazing work that you do both in the University and in the city.”

He shared some tips for the new graduates: “Never give less than 100 per cent,” he said. “You may not be the most intelligent, the most gifted, the strongest, the fastest, but there’s no excuse not to be outworked by anybody else. Have a positive impact, not just on your lives, but on those lives of people you come into contact with. Give something back. While striving for your own dreams and goals, do something good for somebody else.

“While focusing on the destination, just remember to every now and again to lift your head, look around, take in the scenery. I wish you every success in your future lives and thank you so, so much, from the bottom of my heart for this honorary degree.”