WHEN she was eight months pregnant and the “size of a small house”, Mia Boardman applied to be part of a new MTV series.

Filled with excitement and with nothing to lose, she applied to take part in the first UK series of the US hit show Teen Mom, to be hosted by former X Factor contestant Stacey Solomon. 

The show follows five girls on their parenthood journeys, showing all of the ups and downs of becoming a new parent.

Mia, from Bassett, applied for the show after her mother had forwarded her a casting call email from MTV.

After a series of interviews Mia was selected to be one of the five girls that the show focuses on.

The former St Anne’s Catholic School student said: “I have absolutely loved the photoshoots, it’s much better than doing selfies.

“It’s been amazing but it’s been crazy, I have loved filming.”

The 19-year-old was filmed over four months in Southampton living her day-to-day life with her daughter Marliya.

However her partner Manley, who also has a toddler from a previous relationship, has struggled with being at centre stage.

She added: “We are completely different.

“I am really loud and outgoing whereas Manley is really quiet, so it took him much longer to adjust.

“I think young mums get put down a lot and most shows aren’t representative. Teen Mom UK shows the reality of being a young mum.

“There is a lot of pressure to look and act a certain way and it’s just not realistic.”

Viewers can expect to see tears, tantrums and teenage hormones, according to producers, but Mia is looking forward to the series being aired.

She said: “I have put myself out there on a very public platform.

“There are always going to be negative comments. I try not to let them bother me – at least they are talking about me.

“I just really hope that people from Southampton get behind the show.”

The show will tomorrow at 8pm on MTV.