SIX WEEKS of lane closures and four days of temporary traffic lights will commence in Southampton this month as bridges are tested.

A detailed inspection and testing regime of the four bridges on the A35 Redbridge Causeway will be carried out.

Temporary daytime traffic lights will be set up on Old Redbridge Road and Test Lane to allow for the safe inspection of the bridge adjacent to 67 Test Lane.

The works are programmed for four days, starting on Monday (February 20) and the temporary lights will be in use between 9.30am and 3pm.

Night-time single lane closures will take place on the A35 to allow the inspection of the three bridges which cross the River Test.

These works are programmed for six weeks, starting next Thursday (February 23).

Redbridge independent councillor Andrew Pope said the works had “better not be disruptive”.

He said: “I am fed up with the disruption, congestion and air pollution caused to the residents of Old Redbridge.

“I have gone back to Southampton City Council and they have confirmed they have agreed this.

“I have asked whether they are confident it won't be disruptive. They haven't given me such assurance.

“Residents have had enough - so it had better not be disruptive.”

Redbridge independent campaigner Denise Wyatt added: “Redbridge residents really have had enough, so this had better be managed properly by Hampshire County Council and Southampton City Council.

“Over the weekend, we will be listening to Redbridge residents about this."