EVENTS to mark the centenary of a Hampshire airfield have been cleared for take off.

Plans have been revealed by Fareham Borough Council for a new Daedalus 100th anniversary event.

The council will allocate over £16,000 for the landmark celebration due in July 2017 in association with the Lee Flying association.

Cllr Kay Mandry, who represents Hillhead on the council and lives near the airfield, said: “It’s important to remember this historic event and the Daedalus 100th anniversary.

"The plans are very exciting and this will commemorate an important event and reflect the aviation history of the area”.

The event will feature historic aircraft belonging to the Lee Flying Association.

However, following the Shoreham air crash in summer 2015, the Civil Aviation Authority has conducted a major review of air shows so the event will not include any aerial displays.

Alongside this, the general public will also be given guided tours of the Daedalus control tower offering views across the airfield and the Solent along a number of local aviation traders with further announcements due to be expected.

Daedalus Airfield opened during the First World War on July 30, 1917 as the naval seaplane training school consisting of a slipway and various hangar facilities.

In 1934, a new land-based airfield opened just north of the slipway and was renamed HMS Daedalus.

During Second World War more than 400 aircraft flew from Daedalus to take part in D-Day.

Following the war, the Royal Navy used the base as a hovercraft training, radar and ground testing facility before it was decommissioned in 1996.

Fareham Borough Council acquired the site in 2015 and plan to invest more than £50m in the site.

Cllr Sean Woodward, leader of the borough council, described the event as an important occasion to “mark the airfield's aeronautical history” adding: “As custodians of the airfield, we want to be part of the heritage of this historic site that had an important role in the world wars.

“The celebrations at Daedalus is important because it helps to develop our long-term vision to attract more businesses and clients."