A law student who blackmailed a doctor after having sex with him at his hospital was today banned from the roads for driving at a motorcyclist 'like a lunatic'.

A court heard Leanne Davies, who worked as a prostitute, was serving a suspended sentence for trying to blackmail the doctor out of £10,000 when she caused the crash which left the biker with broken bones.

Davies, 30, had earlier rowed with the motorcyclist while driving her Audi A4 cabriolet and gave him the middle finger, before driving on the wrong side of the road and veering dangerously towards him.

Shocking dashcam footage shows mother-of-two Davies, who was described by a witness as 'nothing short of a lunatic', speed dangerously head on towards another vehicle in her silver convertible and cutting in to hit the bike.

Moments later the Audi is seen cutting a corner in an attempt to overtake a large lorry on a busy bend as stationery motorists watch on.

Davies was today banned for 18 months, fined £550 and given a suspended sentence at Southampton Crown Court, Hants, after admitting one count of dangerous driving following the incident on a busy junction in the city.

She made headlines in March last year when a Medical Practioners Tribunal hearing was told Dr Rupert Pemsel paid to have sex with her while on-shift at the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton.

The anaesthetist, 32 at the time of the tribunal, faced being struck off but kept his job after the hearing was told he was no longer 'addicted to porn'.

Striking him off would also be 'depriving' the public of a good doctor and his wife, Sheyi, stood by him despite the incident.

It also heard Dr Pemsel, who was suspended for 10 months, escorted Davies through a security door at the maternity hospital before the sexual encounter in a room reserved for on-call doctors.

Today Davies, who wore a grey blazer with a matching top, short skirt and heels, wept in the dock as the court heard she has nine previous convictions for 14 offences.

Prosecutor Matthew Lawson told the court the road rage incident breached the suspended sentence she received at Winchester Crown Court, Hants, for blackmailing Dr Pemsel.

He said: "Very simply put, the defendant had been working as an escort when a member of staff at the NHS used her services.

"Both her and her partner made calls demanding money along with threats to tell his wife.

"Efforts were made to find his work timetable at the hospital by calling the hospital, these efforts were then used to put pressure on him to pay the sum of £10,000.

"She pleaded guilty and got a 24 month sentence suspended for 24 months and was serving that while this new incident happened.

"In 2006 she got a suspended sentence for an offence of battery."

Speaking about the road rage row with motorcyclist Sam Wolf, he said: "Mr Wolf had to avoid a bump in the road, the next thing he knows is the defendant driving up to him and putting her middle finger up at him.

"He did the same thing. Later he pulled up next to her and said 'what's your problem? You need to learn how to drive'.

"She opened her car door into his bike and then he pulled away. It's from here you can see the extremely good footage of it.

"Words used by a witness to describe her were 'nothing short of a lunatic'."

Mr Wolf broke three bones in his wrist, dislocated his shoulder and the court heard he lost his job as a result of the incident.

He says he becomes "skittish" around cars and became depressed after the incident in January last year.

Khaled Missouri, defending Davies, of Southampton, said she had been earning money by working as an escort.

He added: "The road rage row had spiralled out of control and she accepts the way she behaved was unacceptable.

"She is remorseful of her crime and is grateful there were no permanent injuries but understands the immense pain she caused."

The court heard Davies, who formerly referred to herself as 'Leanne Pikey Princess Davies' on social media, is now in her second year studying law at Southampton Solent University.

Her law lecturer, Phil Jones, took the stand and described her as a 'model student' who is 'in the top five or 10 per cent of her class'.

Judge Gary Burrell QC, while sentencing her, quipped: "Ironically you are studying law, maybe you should implement what you learn."

Giving her a 12 month sentence suspended for 12 months, he added: "Everyone can see this driving was appalling, you could have killed him or yourself.

"Your driving was utterly dreadful, very, very dangerous and frightening.

"The fact is you deserve to go to prison for this driving and the breach of your suspended sentence however I have a duty to be fair to the people in your care.

"You have a child to look after."

Davies, who has an eight year old son, must attend a 35 day rehab course.