ONCE a year the streets of Eastleigh come alive with the pounding of thousands of feet.

Although it’s the same distance it always has been, Eastleigh 10k has dramatically grown in popularity through the years.

Back in 1985, when the road race began, nearly 700 runners took part, hailing from running clubs up and down the country. By the end of the eighties, the figure had almost doubled. Tomorrow more than 2,750 athletes will take part making it one of the most popular 10k races in the south.

In its 32 years Eastleigh 10k has seen some quirky and spectacular wins.

In its second year, a husband and wife won the men’s and women’s races respectively. Richard Partridge was also the previous year’s winner, while his wife Ruth took first place in the women’s.

In 1987 twin brothers finished first and third, with organisers originally getting Peter and Paul Kilnes’ positions confused because of their similar looks.

Although many Olympic heroes took part in the eighties, one finally claimed a win in 1989, when Olympic Bronze medalist Mark Rowlands pipped the competition to the post.