A HAMPSHIRE ambulance driver who faced a driving ban after being caught speeding five times in just two months has been let off - after mechanics found his speedometer was faulty.

Tomasz Bednarz had been caught speeding repeatedly in February and March 2016 as he returned home from his job as an ambulance care assistant in Basingstoke.

The defendant, 40, was caught exceeding the temporary 40 mile per hour speed limit along the A338 Spur Road in Bournemouth four times.

His Volkswagen was caught on camera at 51mph, 48mph and twice at 49mph during the £22 million Spur Road rebuild.

A few weeks later he received another ticket after travelling at 36mph in Littledown Road, Bournemouth.

The speed limit in the stretch is 30mph.

Bednarz appeared before magistrates in Poole.

He had already admitted each of the five counts, but was handed an absolute discharge following a special hearing.

During his appearance before magistrates, he said the speedometer in his vehicle was reading eight miles per hour lower than the car’s actual speed.

Magistrates confirmed Bednarz who lives in Alum Chine Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, will not receive any points or a disqualification after hearing evidence from both the defendant and his mechanic, Witucki Slawek from M&S Motors in Poole.

The court heard Bednarz initially didn’t believe there was a mechanical problem with his car.

However, the defendant called a mechanic after receiving his fifth speeding ticket.

Dressed in his paramedic’s uniform, Bednarz told the court he had even fitted his car with a dashcam and sat nav after becoming worried about his driving.

Magistrates said they were satisfied that Bednarz was not “morally at fault”.

The defendant was ordered to pay £85 costs.

A 40mph limit was brought into force on the Spur Road to keep workers safe during the rebuild.

The temporary cameras were operated by Vysionics, although Dorset Police processed all driving offences.

The nine-month reconstruction included improved drainage.