A FOOTBALL fan who downed eight pints and ran on the pitch to try and get a selfie with Fraser Forster has launched an abusive tirade at the club.

University student Liam Dummackin staged the one-man pitch invasion at St Mary's during the Premier League match between Southampton and Bournemouth on April 1.

As these Daily Echo pictures show, the game was interrupted as Dummackin took a photograph of himself with Saints goalie Fraser Forster.

As fellow spectators looked on, the 22-year-old University of Southampton student was wrestled to the ground by one of the stewards before being led off the pitch and arrested.

Yesterday he appeared at Southampton Magistrates' Court and admitted breaking the Football Offences Act 1991 by going on to pitch without lawful excuse.

In court he apologised for the event but shortly after being sentenced took to social media to gloat.

He wrote: "£215 fine, no banning order, **** you Saints."

Daily Echo:

Dummackin, 22, of Glen Eyre Road, Southampton, narrowly escaped a football banning order, which would have barred him from every football stadium in the country.

Sarah Lodge, prosecuting, told the court: "The defendant ran on to the pitch and took a selfie in front of the Southampton goalkeeper. He was then escorted off the pitch and arrested by police."

Ms Lodge said the Crown Prosecution Service had decided not to ask the court to impose a football banning order but did not outline the reasons why.

The court heard that Dummackin had previous convictions for public order offences and criminal damage.

Apologising for the incident at St Mary's on April 1 he said: "It was a silly thing to do - I'd had too much to drink.

"I'd probably had eight pints, maybe more. University life is about going out, being sociable and having a bit to drink."

The presiding magistrate, Ann Fielder, told him: "You already have a number of previous convictions and now you have gained another one.

"For a person who undoubtedly hopes to get a good job once you have finished your studies you might like to consider the effect all of this is going to have on your future."

Mrs Fielder described the defendant's alcohol consumption on the day as "excessive".

She said he had been "egged on" by his friends and told him: "You came very close to getting a football banning order, which would have stopped your entertainment."

The defendant was fined £100, with £85 costs, and was also told to pay a victim surcharge of £30.