A campaign of harassment has ended up with a Hampshire mum-to-be behind bars.

Elouise Anne Sullivan sent dozens of abusive and racist messages after she discovered two of her friends had slept with her long-term boyfriend.

The 20-year-old was so upset at the betrayal of her friends she sent a catalogue of threatening, obscene and menacing messages over four months between September 2016, and January 2017.

She even sent a text message to one of the women saying: “I will grab your head from behind and make sure you see my face before I jump so hard on your face you will have blood coming out your eyeballs.”

Now she will be behind bars for 14 weeks after being sentenced by district judge Lorraine Morgan at Southampton Magistrate’s Court, after she pleaded guilty to two counts sending offensive, indecent, obscene and menacing messages between September and January.

Sullivan started sending the messages after finding out the two women had slept with her partner of eight years, who is also the father of her soon-to-be-born baby.

The court heard how she sent racially abusive messages to one of her victims, who is of mixed race, which included pictures of bananas, a monkey and described her victim as a “dirty smelly monkey”, in a series of vile messages.

She also said both women were prostitutes in the text messages, and threatened to “smack up” one of the women, and texted the victims’ postcode with some of her messages.

One of her victims said in a statement that she no longer feels safe to go outside alone, and says she feels “on edge” all the time and anxious.

The other victim said she felt paranoid that Sullivan is following her all the time.

Defending her, Jamie Gammon said, in mitigation, Sullivan’s behaviour must be challenged, and she had a “distorted view” of life, and called for the judge to avoid a custodial sentence.

However, this was dismissed by Judge Morgan, who described the texts as “vile”.

She said: “The offences I am dealing with in my estimation they are of the utmost seriousness.

“You set about over a long period using the most insidious ways and most vile language towards these two women, one of whom is still a youth.

“Of particular concern is you used racially offensive terms and images that were used to belittle and insult your victim.

“You persisted despite warnings by the police, you used false identities to hide what you were doing and carried on regardless.”

Sullivan was also ordered to pay a £115 surcharge, and given a restraining order banning her from making contact with the two victims.