A DRUNK father threw his daughter’s wedding reception into chaos after he assaulted three people in the hunt for a small bottle of vodka.

Richard Martin directed his anger at Beaulieu Abbey Domus staff after discovering a shopping bag, containing the bottle and six cans of Pepsi Max, had been taken from his table.

Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard the father of the bride then went on a hunt for the bag, which he claimed only contained soft drinks, before making his way into the off-limits kitchen, where it was being kept.

The court heard that the bag was taken from the table by then-manager John Daniels, as the venue does not allow alcohol to be brought in by a guest unless pre-arranged.

When electrician Martin demanded answers from staff, Samuel Adlan, who was working in the kitchen, informed him he was allowed to have the Pepsi but not the alcohol, due to the policy.

Martin then unhappily left the kitchen before returning around 15 minutes later.

Barging in, he hit Mr Adlan with the door, he claimed accidentally, before grabbing the bag.

“I told him he could not have the bag,” said Mr Adlan.

“So then he pushed me out of the way which resulted in me hitting the sink.”

Martin was confronted by another member of staff, George Smith, who was 19 at the time of the incident last August.

Mr Smith, who was working the bar that night, told the court he blocked the defendant’s exit to “take control of the situation”.

But Martin then shoved Mr Smith out of the way and into a cupboard, resulting in a handle injuring his lower back.

“(Martin) was aggressive,” he told the court.

“I told him he couldn’t have the bag. He was not happy with this; he then drew me into the corner and was very angry. He started swearing and I was pushed back into the fireplace.

“I slipped and hit my knee on the fireplace guard. I was really scared by the situation.”

Mr Smith went to hospital the next day because of the pain.

Martin then grabbed the manager by the arms on his arrival and had to be asked three times before he released him.

Police were called and Martin left the venue a short time later. He was not arrested.

In October the defendant was invited by police to give a statement, which he did voluntarily.

However Martin categorically denied assaulting the men or knowing about the alcohol.

But magistrates found the defendant’s testimony unreliable and found him guilty on all three counts of assault.

Martin, of Oldbarn Close, Calmore, was fined £710, which included £100 compensation for each victim.

In mitigation Michael McGoldrick, defending, said: "For the rest of this man’s life, the memories of his daughter’s wedding will be tainted by the three convictions."