COWS have been removed from a Hampshire field after they were attacked by a dog.

Four cows which graze at Hatch Grange in West End were set upon by a dog which bit their faces and left them needing stitches.

The attack has angered people in West End, and has meant the cows have had to be moved to Grazier’s Farm in Swanmore.

West End Parish Council own the land and it is understood that there will be a meeting to discuss whether the field could be closed off for dogs.

A statement by West End Parish Council said: “We are very sad to report that we have had to remove all of our cows from Hatch Grange.

“On Sunday afternoon they were attacked by a dog and sustained significant injuries to their faces. A witness has identified the owners and have reported them to the Police.

“Heather, Helen, Piper & Primrose have been moved to the Grazier’s farm in Swanmore.

“If anyone else witnessed the attack or has any further information, please report to 101 or contact the Parish Council office on: 023 8046 2371.

A post on Facebook told of the attack, it said: “So the cattle have been returned to the meadows of Hatch Grange and it clearly states on all gates to keep your dogs on a lead.

But obviously some people have a problem with either reading or following clearly written advice.

“A couple with two Staffordshire bull terriers not only disregarded the rules let 1 chase and hang from the face of one of the cows rendering it injured and bleeding.

“It has been reported to the owners and they have been to the cows aide and have sorted her injuries.

“If anyone knows anything about this please get in touch with the owners it’s a shame that defenceless animals have to endure idiots that have no sense.

“Please keep your dogs on a lead when walking through the meadows it’s for your safety as well as the cows.”

A spokesperson from Hampshire police said: “We were called at 3.23pm on 14 May to reports of cows being attacked by a dog.

“If anyone has information about this incident, please call 101 quoting 44170180864.”