VILLAGERS have torn apart plans for a neighbouring 6,000-home scheme.

A letter from the Wickham residents association to Fareham Borough Council and prospective developers Buckland Development Limited (BDL) criticised a lack of planning for proposed infrastructure.

In the letter, Secretary Anton Heaney wrote: “The lack of diligent planning in the provision of infrastructure to support the 6,000-dwelling Welborne plan threatens to have a serious, negative impact on adjourning communities such as ours at Wickham.

“We have no confidence that highly complex junction 10 work on the M27 will sufficiently relieve traffic flow north. "Research has shown that trunk road improvements in themselves increase traffic use. If that is the case then the M27 changes are unlikely to ease the road’s reputation as one of the most accident and delay-prone motorways in the UK.

“There is no long-term profit in killing off villages such as Wickham which have stood for more than 1,000 years and are the living fabric of England’s history.”

The letter also highlighted Welborne clashes with Winchester City Council’s local plan which has already allocated 250 new homes which are expected to be built in the village over the next several years.

The proposed 6,000 home development will be built just north of Fareham and south of Wickham and will be the borough’s biggest housing development to date if approved by planners.

However, Séan Woodward, the leader of Fareham Borough Council, said: “I can understand the concerns that local residents have and everyone is entitled to their views.

“We have developed the Welborne plan to highlight all the elements that may hold back the developments and have found ways to deal with any setbacks.”

“We have more than 1,000 families on the waiting list to be housed in the borough and Welborne will help to eliminate the housing need full stop.”

In response to the letter, a spokesperson from BDL added: “We welcome the comments of all the statutory consultees. We have arranged to review the comments with the Council once the consultation is over at the end of May.”