IT IS one of the most impressive pieces of parking ever seen in a Hampshire town – and all for the wrong reasons.

A van was snapped taking up two disabled parking spaces in Eastleigh town centre, while the driver popped in for a snack at Greggs.

Local resident Tanya, who has a disabled partner, took the picture while walking her dog on Saturday morning.

"It was just thoughtless," she said.

"I saw him (the motorist) drive in that bay - he then got out and went to Greggs and walked back to his van.

"My partner is disabled so it is a bugbear of both of us.

"People seem to think 'I'm only stopping for two minutes so it is okay' – but it's not.

"Disabled people do not have that choice."

Tanya added: "I have confronted people in the past who have parked in disabled bays but some people have disabilities that are not so obvious, so I always ask if they have forgotten to display their badge, as to not cause offence."