A MULTI-MILLION project to ease a bottleneck in Hampshire has strong support, according to Highways bosses.

Highways England have published the results of a public consultation for a proposed £25m upgrade to the busy Redbridge roundabout near Southampton docks.

The five-week consultation generated 184 responses from residents in Redbridge and Millbrook.

The survey responses showed that more than 75 per cent said that congestion at the roundabout was an issue and that pedestrian and cyclists facilities needed upgrading.

Sixty-three per cent of car users and 38 per cent of pedestrians and cyclists were dissatisfied with how the roundabout currently operates, while 18 per cent said the current subways were not fit for purpose.

The consultation also showed the majority residents had concerns about the safety of approach to the roundabout from Gover Road saying that drivers only had a matter of seconds to pull out safely.

Under the revised plans, the southern subway will be closed and replaced with a Toucan crossing on the south east of the roundabout and the footbridge will be replaced with a wider one to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.

The northern subway will be refurbished and the southern side of the roundabout will be increased to four lanes to increase the capacity of the roundabout at peak times.

However, the left-turn slip lane to enable motorway traffic heading for the city centre to reach the A33 without stopping at the roundabout will be retained as stated in the original plans.

Highways England project manager Joe Clark said: “It is clear from the wide range of opinions that have been collected from the public that improvements are necessary and we will use these comments to ensure that a suitable design can be achieved which best meet the objectives.”

Councillor Jacqui Rayment, cabinet member for Transport and Environment on Southampton City Council, said: “I am pleased that Highways England have modified their plans and residents views have been taken into account.

“We welcome investment into our roads network and any scheme to improve the roads even though it causes disruption and delays will be worthwhile in the end.”