A “HEARTBROKEN” charity boss has described the “devastation” caused by vandals to sites in Sholing.

Colin Oliphant, chairman of Sholing Valleys Studies Centre (SVSC), saw signposts damaged, plastic noticeboards smashed and “mass littering” at his organisation’s base in Miller’s Pond Nature Reserve, Station Road.

The charitable group, which aims to educate the public about the environment and the wildlife at the site, meets once a month to clean the area.

However two volunteers recently found the place “smashed to pieces” in what Mr Oliphant said was a “wilful act of vandalism”.

Mr Oliphant said: “We had a lovely day cleaning up and the area was pristine but come Monday it was gone.

“Signage broken, signs ripped out, boards punched through. It was totally devastated.

“As a charity we have to struggle for every penny, begging local businesses for help. We’re not a rich organisation by any means but we have to spend hundreds on new notice boards now.

“It’s heart-breaking and soul-destroying.”

He added: “It makes you wonder why do we bother?”

The group was formed in 1988 and over the years members have worked hard to raise funds for the centre.

Charity pushes have allowed the centre to stay open and provide people with a chance to experience the wildlife.

But Mr Oliphant said: “This is not a one-off thing. We have pushchairs and trolleys thrown into the pond, people rip up the swimming platforms for the fisherman who use the area and some even steal the fish.”

Mr Oliphant added: “Rubbish is dumped, camping fires lit and then we just go again and clean it all up. We even found a plastic paddling pool in the grounds once which has all been heaved over the fence.”