TWO HAMPSHIRE brothers planning to row the Atlantic have unveiled the boat in which they will make the gruelling 3,000-mile voyage.

The tiny 20ft craft built for Jude Massey and Greg Bailey was one of the floats that took part in yesterday’s Lymington and Pennington Carnival.

The half-brothers are set to make the trip early next year in a bid to raise for £100,000 for cancer research.

As reported in the Daily Echo, Jude’s father, Peter Massey, died aged 63 from skin cancer in 2015 after what his family describe as “endless” operations.

Greg and Jude, who call themselves the Ocean Brothers, aim to take between six and 11 weeks to complete the marathon voyage from Gran Canaria to Barbados.

Despite the potential hazards the two sailors, both from Lymington, are counting the days until they put to sea.

Greg said: “I can’t wait to go - it’s going to be awesome.

“We’re taking part in training sessions in the Solent and we’re even sleeping in the boat on the driveway to get used to her.”

Greg and Jude were dressed as characters from Pirates of Penzance to fit in with this year’s theme - 100 years of musicals.

Lymington WI and staff from Colten Care entered floats based on Mary Poppins.

Tops Lymington Nursery and Milford Pre-School were both inspired by The Lion King, while the Leen family from Lymington paid tribute to War Horse, with a 20-year-old pony called Teddy standing in for Joey.

Members of Lymington Rotary Club portrayed characters from the Wizard of Oz, including the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, while a float entered by All Saints Luncheon Club was based on Singin’ in the Rain.