TRAVELLERS have moved out of a supermarket car park used by thousands of people just months after another group were kicked out.

The group of four families in caravans and motor homes were served with an eviction notice from bailiffs who said they were acting on behalf of the Sainsbury's store in Lordshill Business District.

It is thought that the group arrived on Friday evening.

Roy Compton, from Bryan Lecoche Enforcement Ltd, said he had told the travellers they must leave the car park by 6pm tonight, otherwise their vehicles would be towed away and left on the road.

He said: "We want them to leave. This is private land and in common law rights we have the right to ask them to leave."

But speaking on behalf of the group a man calling himself 'Santa Claus' said: "We just came in to get a bit of food then we're moving."

He added: "They should build more transition sites. They build mosques all over. There should be a transit site in every town."

When Hampshire police arrived at around 1pm on Saturday the travellers packed up and left the car park. Earlier today, a Hampshire Police spokesperson said: “We can confirm that there are travellers at the site which is private property.

“We are working with the landowners at present to provide advice and are currently monitoring the situation.”

In June this year, a group of travellers with six caravans and a number of other vehicles were evicted from the car park.