A WOMAN who has found a new lease life after battling a chronic illness is aiming to help others benefit from treatment.

Gemma Hunt suffered with myalgic encephalomyelitis, known as ME, for three years, leaving the 33-year-old “struggling to climb stairs and make cups of tea”.

But after the Colden Common resident began a 90-day programme with The Optimum Health Clinic, she has found a new lease of life.

The service is not currently offered on the NHS, but fundraising manager Gemma is hoping her event next month will help the organisation so it can continue its research into ME – with a view to having it offered on the NHS in the future.

“The NHS has so many strengths, but it appears ME isn’t one,” Gemma said.

“So many people out there suffer with this type of disease but are unable to afford the treatment when they go private. It’s our hope we can raise some money to ensure it becomes available freely.”

Gemma was struck down with the disease in 2014 – two months before she was due to get married.

Initially doctors thought she had glandular fever.

But when she tried to obtain a refund for her honeymoon ticket due to her ill health, a further investigations found she had ME.

ME causes severe fatigue, painful muscles and joints, as well as poor memory and concentration. It affects approximately 250,000 in the UK.

“I’m living in a house so getting up the stairs was a mission – I had to climb them on all fours,” she said.

“But once I began the programme my life was transformed. I started by doing very basic yoga and it got rid of a lot of stress and anxiety that comes with ME.”

On September 3, between 10am and 12.30pm at Colden Common Community Centre, Gemma will be hosting a yoga and meditation morning.

Tickets are a minimum of £10.

To book: Email gem.c.hunt@gmail.com