A SKATEBOARDING extravaganza saw enthusiasts of all ages and abilities take to the streets in Hampshire.

Southampton’s Guildhall Square was the scene of skateboarding jams at ‘The Southampton Slamma ‘17’.

It was hosted by Beans and Boards skateboarding shop, based in Winchester, along with Don’t Rain skateboarding and Southampton Association of Skateboarders (SAOS).

It kicked off with warm-up sessions, followed by multiple rounds of competitions for beginners up to serious skateboarders.

The get-together aimed to raise awareness of the need to create and improve skateboarding facilities in Southampton.

There was also artwork from the Solent Showcase Gallery on display, while local artists created new, one-off pieces live as the day progressed.

Steve Bega of Southampton Association of Skateboarding, said: “Skateboarding is a really good focus for kids, I’ve been involved for 20 years and I still love it.

“There’s competitions for everyone so they all feel they can get involved. We don’t want anyone to be intimidated and feel like it’s not for them.

“Skateboarding is now an Olympic sport and is due to debut in Tokyo in 2020. “Unfortunately over the last decade Southampton has failed to keep up with the rest of the world and has now severely fallen behind with it’s lack of facilities for this sport.

“Therefore The Southampton Association of Skateboarders are campaigning to make Southampton the leading location for this fascinating pastime to be practiced in.

“Every forward thinking city in Europe has a concrete skate facility at its heart and it provides a a safe place for people of all ages, races and abilities to socialise, practise and express themselves without fear of being marginalised.

“Skateboarding is not only an amazing physical and artistic activity but its benefits for mental heath, self confidence and community collaboration is unrivalled by any other urban activity.

“Skateboarding is also huge business and with the council’s investment, will help to provide insurmountable economic opportunities for the city and we are hear to help them make it happen.”