A PHONE PEST who hassled police 101 operators hundreds of times with claims of a conspiracy against her has been jailed.

Suzannah Grevett was already banned from pestering the police non-emergency number when she restarted her campaign of harassment in May last year.

Despite being jailed for the same offence in 2015 and 2016, Southaptno Crown Court heard she continued to bombarded Hampshire Police’s 101 team, making more than 230 calls over six months.

Described as a “menace” by Judge Nicholas Rowland, Grevett was jailed for 18 months for breaching a restraining order – banning her from calling any police number without a genuine emergency.

Grevett, 46, who pleaded not guilty to three breaches, was found guilty by a jury.

Prosecutor Anthony Bailey said Grevett would repeatedly ring 101 to complain about an officer, who she claimed was involved in a conspiracy against her.

Mr Bailey acknowledged that Grevett suffered from a personality disorder. However, he said that the courts had “bent over backwards” for her by continually issuing community orders and suspended sentences.

Mr Bailey said that this strategy had “not worked” and asked Judge Rowland to impose a prison term and an indefinite restraining order, preventing her from contacting the police.

Agreeing, Judge Rowland said: “She is a menace to the police and a menace to the wider public. When she was telephoning the 101 number there were other callers not able to get through, members of the public that needed to use that service.

“She does have a personality disorder. It is a sad case but she has not taken advantage of the offer of help.”

Grevett was given a further prison term for breaching a non-molestation order.

That offence took place when she attended a property in August this year – despite being forbidden from making contact with the occupants.The court heard how, on spotting Grevett, one of homeowners immediately called the police.

Officers later arrested the 46-year-old, who kicked-out at a police car and shouted obscenities as she was dragged away.

In a statement read out in court, the victim said Grevett had “wreaked havoc” on the family for a number of years.

For that, she was given a further 18 month sentence.