A DELIVERY company is taking on 130 new riders across Hampshire over the next three months as orders in Southampton rise by 200 per cent.

New figures show that the number of riders cycling around the city for Deliveroo has doubled in the last 12 months.

The company says that the number or orders has risen by 200 per cent in the city and 1,259 per cent in Winchester.

Now the company is looking to take on 100 extra people in Southampton and another 30 in Winchester.

Deliveroo, a worldwide company that delivers food from local restaurants to food-lovers via bike, has seen its order rate rise by more than 200 per cent in the previous year.

It comes as the company appeals to new riders in the city to link up with the firm.

The new riders are being sought between now and January 2018. The service has grown its partnerships with restaurants in Southampton to 99 in the last 12 months.

Dan Warne, UK managing director for Deliveroo, said: “Our rapid growth in Southampton means customers have more choice, restaurants are able to increase their revenue and riders have opportunity to choose well-paid, flexible work. Deliveroo’s fundraising will mean greater growth and new innovations.

“More restaurants will be able to deliver their food direct to people’s homes or offices and there will be more work available for people who want to be riders and fit their work around their life rather than fitting their life around work.“Now, right across Southampton, we are looking for more riders to join us as we grow, so we can deliver even more amazing food to our brilliant customers.”

The company has also secured $385 million in new investment, with the organisation itself valued at more than $2 billion.

Restaurants who use Deliveroo see their revenue boosted by up to 30 per cent according to the company, and as a result, are able to hire more people and expand into new premises.

Nick Marshall, co-owner of Shrimp N Burger in Southampton, said: “As a new partner of Deliveroo, the benefit to our sales was visible from day one and we haven’t looked back.”

Riders delivering on behalf of the company are self-employed, but link up with the service to deliver food and other goods.

It uses an algorithm, named Frank, which is based on predictive technology to evaluate ways of distributing orders based on location of restaurants, riders and customers.