FORMER Saints man Gordon ‘Flash’ Watson believes Mauricio Pellegrino’s side could be sleep walking in to a relegation scrap and need a “wake up call” as soon as possible.

The one-time Dell striker has watched on in disbelief as Saints, who he believes have the quality but aren’t showing enough fight, have struggled to find any kind of rhythm or momentum under Pellegrino.

“Where do I start? There’s no tempo, there’s no drive – they’re not doing any of the obvious things a blind man could see,” he said.

“Not one player is giving 100 per cent. There’s no belief and at this rate they’re setting themselves up for a relegation battle.

“If they don’t put their foot on the gas soon and wake up and realise they’re in for a fight they could be in trouble. They’re sleep walking in to a scrap right now and need a wake up call.

“At the moment the manager doesn’t know how to get the right blend – can’t get them to play together.

“The only player giving his all is Steven Davis, but apart from him, who has been a shining beacon, everyone needs to give more and wake up.

“The quality of players is there but this has to come from the collective. I can guarantee none of them will be happy with their own performances.”

“Romeu and Lemina that's a very strong partnership but both of their strong points are defensive.

“It's too based around not conceding goals, at least go down fighting and find that belief.”

Flash wants Saints to start fighting now before they really are sucked in to a battle at the bottom of the Premier League.

The 46-year-old wants to see someone within the squad galvanise the players and get them up for the battle he believes they are not prepared to fight right now.

Saints face six of the Premier League's big sides in the next ten games in crucial run for the context of their campaign.

He said: “Who is the leader? Please stand up! This all comes from the individuals in the team and at the moment they’re playing all too comfortably and more is needed,” he said.

“If they don’t recognise it soon they’ll be in a fight. They need to fight right now to avoid being in a relegation scrap.

“Take action now and find that belief.”