A SOUTHAMPTON dentist who used non-orthodox therapies on a woman suffering severe jaw pain angrily demanded an apology when her treatment was questioned, the General Dental Council heard today.

The patient, identified only as Mrs A, was charged £12,000 by Dr Catherine Crowe, 47, who had pledged to use state-of-the-art techniques.

At one point her treatment included claims that the spirit of the patient's mother, who had died 15 years earlier, was in the surgery at Rookswood Dental Practice in Southampton with them.

Mrs A told the GDC's professional conduct committee in London: ''She was angry. She was speaking through gritted teeth, that's how it sounded on the telephone.'' The call came in December 2004 after Mrs A had sent an email asking for Dr Crowe to set out her diagnosis, treatment plan, proposed tests, estimated timescale and likely cost in writing. She also asked for the name of the method used to test for mercury toxicity.

Mrs A said she first saw Dr Crowe at the city dental surgery in September 2004. She had chronic jaw pain and a problem with her crowns after years of discomfort. She had also been diagnosed with serious stomach problems.

Mrs A, a former lawyer and Christian, told the hearing: ''On the first consultation she was absolutely charming and through most consultations was very charming.

''She has a charming personality but there is another side to her where you have to do what she wants to do and let her get on with it.

''She does not like to be questioned about what she is doing.'' Mrs A said Dr Crowe spoke ''sensible words'' and had tried to ''empower her'' but after looking at her diary and spending more time in prayer she felt she wanted to reject the alternative therapy.

Dr Crowe denies serious professional misconduct.

She denies that aspects of Mrs A's treatment were inappropriate, irresponsible and not in her best interest.