A SENIOR fashion lecturer at Southampton Solent University took his own life after suffering “ritualised humiliation” at work, an inquest heard.

Carl Baybut was found hanging in New Forest woodland, just days after attending a staff meeting to discuss changes to lecturers’ responsibilities.

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Southampton Coroners’ Court heard how problems at work had “contributed in a significant way” to the stress the 49-year-old felt before he killed himself.

The claim came from a top union representative, who also told how a survey of members had revealed a “culture of bullying”

in some areas of the university.

Bosses at the 17,000-student university, have vowed to review information that came out of the inquest and to look into issues that were raised.

Lecturer Mark Farwell, the university’s University and College Union representative, said Carl had been off work for around six months and that he had just returned when the meeting took place.

He said Carl, who had been at the university for 16 years, may have been worried his teaching duties were being withdrawn “without discussion or negotiation”.

Mr Farwell told the inquest: “From where I sit, that looks like ritualised humiliation because it was done in the public domain among peers.

“I think Carl felt crestfallen when he left the meeting and contributed in a significant way to the stresses he had in his mind in the days to follow.”

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