A BOUNCER who was jailed after leaving a student paralysed has had his licence to work as a doorman withdrawn.

Andrew Lee is beginning four years behind bars after using a potentially lethal full nelson hold on 22-year-old John Jones as he tried to evict him from Southampton’s KAOS nightclub.

The moment Lee brutally seized John Jones in the Kaos night club.

The pair fell, causing John to suffer a broken neck.

Lee’s licence to work was withdrawn on June 18 – the day the Daily Echo revealed how the 31- year-old had shown video footage of his gratuitous violence on his web page.

That included one clip where he apparently slapped a woman and one where he is seen to elbow a restrained man in the face.

However the Security Industry Authority (SIA) – responsible for managing the compulsory licensing of doormen – refused to condemn Lee’s actions, saying that it could not comment on individual cases.

One of the four videos Andrew Lee posted on his MySpace page.

And the association has also failed to completely rule out allowing the 31- year-old, of Alcantara Crescent, Southampton, to return to work as a bouncer in the future.

However a spokesman said that it would be “highly unlikely” following Lee’s conviction for grievous bodily harm.

John’s mother Julie said: “When a licence is revoked that should be it. After receiving his sentence I would have expected that he would never ever work again for the Security Industry Authority in any shape or form.”

The authority – an independent organisation reporting to the Home Secretary– was set up in 2004 to raise standards among bouncers.

The second of the four videos Andrew Lee posted on an Internet networking site.

An authority spokesman said that all doormen have to obtain a training qualification after 30 hours’ study, covering areas including searching, arrest and drugs awareness.

However the organisation has no power over how the six different awarding bodies carry out their training and how topics such as conflict management are covered.

An authority spokesman added that a criminal record would not necessarily stop a person from receiving a licence, but that serious convictions such as inflicting grievous bodily harm, would make it “highly unlikely”.

The third video posted by Andrew Lee highlighting his aggressive treatment of people

A spokesman said: “Our responsibility is to make sure doorstaff have undergone training and make sure they are suitable for a licence.

“We also specify what topics should be covered when the awarding body puts the qualification together.”

Lee’s three-year doorman licence had been due to expire next May when he would have had to apply for another one.

The SIA currently has nearly 150,000 door staff who must each pay £245 for a three-year licence.

Money from these licence fees funds the authority’s work.

The fourth video posted by Andrew Lee on MySpace highlighting his aggressive treatment of people