AN EXHIBITION offering a look at the doomed voyage of the Titanic is displaying rare artefacts for the first time.

The Titanic Honour and Glory exhibition, in association with the Daily Echo, is a travel back in time to the setting and atmosphere of the ill-fated ocean liner.

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Hundreds of visitors fromaround the world have already experienced the exhibition which tells the story of luxury and finesse of the first class passengers in striking contrast with the conditions of third class travellers.

“It is a window to history from a passenger point of view, opposed to the ongoing exhibition at the Maritime Museum that focuses on stories of the crewmembers,” says project adviser Alistair Arnott.

Exhibits range from authentic White Star line china to furniture and more personal items of memorabilia, showcasing letters, photographs and clothing from almost a hundred years ago.

The artefacts include extremely rare objects such as the silver cup presented to Captain Smith to mark his 25th year with the White Star Line and an original port ledger. This record of the Port of Southampton includes details of Titanic’s arrival and departure.

One of the most poignant artefacts is a pocket watch which stopped at 2.28am, the moment Titanic sank below the waves reminding us of the thousands of people left to the mercy of the freezing ocean.

“This is a great opportunity for Southampton citizens to experience an important part of their history,” said Mr Arnott.

“Although the events are rather distant in time, it is still a moving exhibition. It will also interest those who are fascinated by the glamour of the ships and the tragedy Titanic faced.”

A glimpse of Hollywood can also be found from the section featuring the epic film Titanic from 1997 with a number of props used in the blockbuster movie.

It is an opportunity to see costumes worn by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio and the unforgettable Heart of the Ocean necklace which the actress wore.

“The praising feedback we have received from dedicated Titanic enthusiasts has proved to us that this truly is a magnificent exhibition never seen in Southampton before,” said Glenn Gardner the co-project director of Southampton Ocean Liner Experience, the organisation behind the comprehensive exhibition.

“We have hundreds of items in total, all displayed in the same exhibition for the first time.”

• Titanic Honour and Glory exhibition at the Bargate Shopping Centre, is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Admission £4 for adults, £2.50 for children up to 15 years. Southampton residents get a 50 per cent discount until the end of May by giving proof of their residency.

During half-term break there will be free entrance for children up to 15 years old who are accompanied by an adult.