HAMPSHIRE MP Chris Huhne will today urge European ministers to back tougher limits on carbon emissions to help combat climate change.

The Energy and Climate Change Secretary, who will today attend his first meeting of EU environment ministers in Luxembourg, will be calling on the European Union to raise its e m i s s i o n s reduction target from 20 per cent to the more ambitious 30 per cent.

Mr Huhne, L i b e r a l Democrat MP for Eastleigh, said: “I’ll be using my first meeting of EU environment ministers to make clear the new UK Government’s support for ambitious European action on climate change, including a 30 per cent cut in EU emissions.

“Europe must take a lead in securing an international climate agreement though we can’t just click our fingers and hope the rest of the world will follow. We’ve got to make real emission cuts at home, and work constructively with all other nations in achieving that ambitious deal.