A MYSTERY blast has shaken Eastleigh.

Police helicopters and cars were called out after residents reported a series of explosions.

Despite an extensive search police were unable to find what had caused the loud bangs shortly about 11pm yesterday.

Officers believe the bang blast went off near Fleming Park and closed off Chadwick Road as part of the investigation - the scene of a pipe bomb explosion last year. Rumours on Facebook range from a warehouse fire to a petrol drum being thrown on a bonfire but officers have found no evidence to support this.

The blast was heard from Boyatt Wood and Chandler’s Ford to North Baddesley and Valley Park.

Daily Echo eyewitness Matt Cole, 24, who lives in Hiltingbury, said: “I heard a noise like someone had loudly slammed the door but I looked outside and couldn’t see anything.

“Then I heard another. Some people I spoke to were really worried others went out in their cars to try and find out what had happened but nobody seems to know. There are lots of strange rumours flying about.”

It has been reported that someone may have been letting off flares or fireworks.

Chief Inspector Paul Bartolomeo said: “This was a particularly frightening experience for residents living within the central Eastleigh area and I would like to reassure them that we are doing all we can to find out what it was that caused such a loud explosion.

We would ask whoever is responsible or anyone who may have seen or heard exactly what it was that caused the explosion to contact us.”

Officers will be conducting day time searches today.

If anyone has information about who is responsible, they should contact Eastleigh police station on 101 or the Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.