UNION members at Southampton City Council have announced they will begin indefinite industrial action this month.

As previously reported, members of Unison and Unite voted in favour of action in the face of wage cuts at the authority.

The action short-of-a-strike will include:

• Refusal to use private cars for Council work – this will include social workers, housing officers, environmental health officers.

• Ban on overtime working.

• Working to set hours. Not working unpaid hours.

• Working to contract / working to rule.

• Not covering for vacant posts.

• Working to strictly comply with Health and Safety regulations.

Furthermore, all union members are being called out on strike, for 'extended periods'.

The first section of staff to go out on strike will be the authority's refuse collectors. Other members of staff will join them at a later date.

UNISON Branch Secretary, Mike Tucker, said: “The industrial action will demonstrate that the council only functions because council workers work unpaid overtime, carry out duties they are not paid for and cover for jobs that have been cut.

"The selective strike action will mean key sections of the Council will be on strike for extended periods. It is council workers who keep the city running, not councillors.

"The industrial action we hope will bring the Conservative controlled Council back to the negotiating table. Only a negotiated settlement can avoid a summer of strikes and disruption.”