TWO medical students were caught performing a sex act on each other in a Southampton hospital.

The trainee medics were spotted getting “a bit frisky” on sofas outside one of the hospital’s lecture theatres.

The Daily Echo understands the embarrassing situation may have been filmed by CCTV cameras.

But the university said it had not yet taken action against any students because, so far, the couple have not been identified.

University bosses have launched an investigation.

All students studying medicine at the University of Southampton have now been sent an email warning them to behave professionally when attending lectures at Southampton General Hospital.

The email, which was sent by the Associate Dean of Medicine, Dr Chris Stephens, said: “A couple of second year students (a male and a female) were getting a bit frisky on the sofas outside the lecture theatre at SGH last week. It caused offence to one of the female clinical skills team.

“You need to remember you are in a hospital and need to act in a professional manner (including your language and behaviour). Most of the area is covered by CCTV cameras. If you want to perform oral sex on each other I am sure you could find a more comfortable place that is out of public view and off NHS property!”