SURROUNDED by Justin Bieber memorabilia, Holly Sennett freely admits the teen heart-throb has taken over her life.

The 13-year-old super-fan has spent the last two years amassing a huge collection of all things relating to the Canadian teenage singing star and spends most of her free time finding out more.


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She has even learned the Canadian national anthem, the birthdays of his close family and can name all of his pets.

Bemused friends and family now think she is one of the biggest Bieber fans in the country.

However, she has yet to meet her idol or see him perform live.

Holly, who calls herself Holly Bieber Sennett, from Sholing, Southampton, got hooked when she saw the video of Bieber’s single One Time.

Two years on and she knows the lyrics to all his songs by heart, including some that have not been released yet. She said: “It has taken over my life. I like everything – the music and looks and his smile. But even if he was ugly I’d still like him.”

Holly’s collection includes posters, DVDs, books, stickers, badges, necklaces, bracelets, T-shirts, a doll, Justin’s perfume and a blanket.

Her room, described by mother Juliet as “the shrine”, has posters covering every available space, including the ceiling.

Outside of school uniform, Holly is always in her Justin Bieber T-shirts and spends her free time scouring newspaper stands, magazines and the Internet for interviews with her hero. The Sholing Technology College pupil spends virtually all of her £15 a month pocket money on the 17-year-old singer.

She and mum Juliet Pearson queued for three hours at the cinema to make sure she was the first person to get in to see Justin’s recent film, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, when it opened in Southampton.

Holly even takes Bieber posters on holiday with her.

Juliet, a mum of three, said: “I thought it would just fizzle out but it’s just got worse and worse and literally every sentence Holly speaks has got Justin Bieber in it.”