A Southampton “superhead” is to take over a second city secondary school in the first appointment of its type.

Susan Trigger has already overseen Bitterne Park School being graded as “outstanding” three times in a row by Ofsted, but has now landed the role to also run Chamberlayne College for the Arts.

From January she will be taking over from retiring head Chris Kelly at the Weston school.

Several primary schools in Southampton have been confederated and now share head teachers, but this is the first time in Southampton that one person is taking over two secondary schools.

Mrs Trigger is a National Leader in education, meaning she has been accredited by the Government as someone who can help other schools to boost standards.

Governors at Chamberlayne, say they expect she will spend between a year and 18 months as “executive head teacher” at the school in Tickleford Drive, while continuing her existing role at Bitterne Park.

In a joint statement, the governors of the two schools said they believe the move will benefit pupils, staff and communities at both.

The move to see closer work between the two schools has been backed by Southampton’s education boss, Cllr Jeremy Moulton.

He said: “The decision to appoint Susan Trigger as executive head is very good news for the young people at Chamberlayne College."