THEY are used to winning medals for their synchronised diving routines.

And judging by this funny spoof video, the GB diving team aren’t too bad synching their dance moves on the beach either.

The hilarious footage has become an Internet sensation, with 40,000 people having already clicked online to see it.

Southampton-born Olympic hopefuls 19-year-old Max Brick and 18-year-old Chris Mears join diving sensation Tom Daley, 17, and other team-mates in performing a lip-synch version of the LMFAO hit Sexy and I Know It.

Taking time out of their busy training schedule, the team are dressed in skimpy outfits as they strut their stuff and show off their muscles in time to the music.

The video, shot in Adelaide, Australia, where the squad were training, starts off asking: “Ever wondered how Tom Daley and his Team GB diving squad friends relax between training sessions?”

The group then break into dance, thrusting their hips, wiggling their bottoms and whipping their shorts off to reveal tiny swim trunks in time to the music.

At one point in the amusing clip Daley hides his head under the sand just revealing his body while Southampton’s cheeky diving star Mears buries everything but his head, making it look like the head and the body belong to the same person, despite being disjointed.

Southampton’s Olympic diver 30-year-old Pete Waterfield was missing from the spoof video.