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    southy wrote:
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    Tiresome conservative administration; roll on the elections
    Do you really want a Labour council after the abysmal performance we had for 25 years with the last Labour councils? - They spent our money on wasteful projects that brought no perceivable benefit to the people of Southampton.They allowed this City to go into decay, lapse into the past and with no investment plans whatsoever!
    At least you can see what this council is doing and wants to do - it is transparent (unlike the previous councils!). At least they have plans and strategies that will benefit the people of the City of Southampton - you can already see the results and you also see the plans for the future if you take the time and trouble to look!
    Yes we do need a Labour Control Council, just to show that they are no different from the Torys.
    The problem in this country is that the real Capitalist have had control over most political partys now for the last 25 years plus.
    There is no difference between them.
    vote Torys you vote for cuts
    vote Lib/Dem its a vote for cuts
    vote Labour its a vote for cuts
    vote UKIP its a vote for cuts
    vote Greens its a vote for cuts
    vote BNP its a vote for cuts
    Its only the TUSC that is saying no to any cuts, and are offering a different way to do things.
    Nice election broadcast Southy.
    Pity it is falling on deaf ears (or blind eyes).
    The problem is everytime someone votes fot the TUSC it damages every party except the Tories.
    The TUSC is a wasted vote
    Its not a wasted vote at all Lone Ranger, think about it if you vote for any other party your voting for the same thing, there agendas are all the same weather if you vote Tory or Labour and others, you might as well just vote Tory and be done with it, they are not offering any thing different or even a different way of looking at it. the Corporations run or control all other political partys, its only the TUSC that do not have any connection with them and will not.
    I see that this board has been hijacked again for a party political broad case on behalf of the drone party.
    The TUSC needs your votes so it can get hands on your money & spread it amongst themselves while claiming to be the representatives of the poor.
    Well we are the only ones that will represent the majority the less well off and use the money to help the poor. Unlike your kind will only give the money to the well off who dont need it and only claim the poor will be better off when after a later date the poor realise they been lied to yet again by the right wing element.
    and you saying what your saying plus pod only means one thing your kind is scared off us for telling the majority the truth of matters
    come on then, tell me what 'my kind' is again. I am not aware that we have met and you do not know me or anything about me.
    I am really interested to know, then I will let you know how wrong you are!!
    Using the word Drone about sums it up for you, you only get drones on the right wing element, you get thinkers on the left wing element people looking for another way of doing things where the majority will benefit and not the minority
    never a straight answer from you is there??? I used the word 'drone' to mean boring, but just to put you straight, I was born in southampton and spent all my working life with the council, 15years as a union rep until I got made redundant. My mum was a labour councillor in the 60s/70s, in the days when they had no allowances and had to claim expenses once a month with receipts for everything. I can remember her walking into town to attend meetings cos she did not have the bus fare.
    Like I said, you have hijacked this board once again for your own ego, the subject is the council not claiming back 50 thousand owed to us, nit is not about you."
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Council will not pursue costs of mosque dispute

Taxpayers' £50,000 won't be recovered

Taxpayers' £50,000 won't be recovered

First published in News

CASH-strapped council chiefs in Southampton have failed to recover £50,000 of taxpayers’ money spent settling a bitter dispute over the city’s largest mosque, the Daily Echo can reveal.

As the Medina Mosque is plunged into a new £3.3m legal dispute, it has emerged that the city council decided not to recover the costs of a High Court case to determine which of two rival factions of the Muslim community had the right to the building’s freehold.

The council believes that its costs to sort out the Mosque ownership dispute, including around 200 hours of officer time, ran to around £50,000.

A judge 16 months ago decided that the Southampton Medina Trust Ltd, which has been running the Compton’s Walk mosque since 2002, was entitled to own and manage it.

He awarded costs against the chairman of the rival Southampton Medina Mosque Trust, Mohammed Aslam, who was instrumental to getting the mosque built, and has now filed a separate £3.3m claim against three fellow original trustees for building costs.

A council spokesman said: “The council having taken legal advice has decided not to pursue the order for costs at this point in time based on Mr Aslam’s means – given that such action is likely only to lead to further cost for the taxpayer.”

Mr Aslam said the judge’s order of costs against him was “totally iniquitous”.

He said: “As a far as the council’s costs are concerned that’s settled and there is nothing outstanding from my point of view.”

He blamed the court costs on the Southampton Medina Trust Ltd for failing to fully co-operate with earlier attempts to resolve the dispute.

The council sought a judgment so it could hand over the title to the mosque site and enforce outstanding planning breaches, including use of a car park.

Around 500 worshippers regularly attend Friday prayers at the mosque.

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