A DRIVER was caught by police having a shave while at the wheel of his car.

The motorist was spotted by officers during a week-long clampdown on motorists who flout the law by not paying attention while driving.

Officers who were filming drivers from a lorry cab as it was driven along Hampshire’s motorways spotted the man using the electric razor as he sped along the carriageway.

He was pulled over and issued with a notice of intended prosecution.

As previously reported by the Daily Echo, the driver was one of 88 who were stopped by officers during Operation Tramline. The overwhelming majority of those stopped, some 55 drivers, were using their mobile while driving.

However, other drivers were spotted pouring out coffee from a flask into cup, while another was seen writing down a number on the back of their hand before attempting to then dial in on a mobile phone.

The offenders were given penalty notices, which was how 68 of the offenders were dealt with out of the 112 vehicles that were stopped.

The joint operation with Thames Valley police was run by Sgt Paul Diamond, who said: “Focus on the wheel when you’re driving – no phone call, text message or anything else is as important as a person’s life.”