MEET RoboDog – the rescued pooch who gives new meaning to the phrase as happy as a dog with a new bone.

Only a year ago ailing dog Sam the German Shepherd faced being put down when he ended up in a cage in a council compound in Kent after being found roaming the streets.

Luckily for Sam he was saved by a New Forest-based charity, which paid £12,000 on an operation which they say has rebuilt him and given a new lease of life after it.

Six-year-old Sam suffers from arthritis in his elbows as a result of a previous trauma.

But thanks to Southern Counties German Shepherd Rescue in Linwood, near Ringwood, Sam has had both his front leg joints replaced in two operations – one in October last year and another in April.

Iain Trundle, who runs Southern Counties German Shepherd Rescue, said: “These operations are expensive but now we know Sam can go on to live a long and painfree life.

“Everyone who meets Sam comments on what a beautiful dog he is, with a calm, tolerant nature, always happy to see you and play ball.

“Sam is amazing – despite all the pain he must have been in when he first came to the rescue he still wanted to play.

“He did it by throwing the ball to you so you could throw it back for him.”

Both operations involved three surgeons working on Sam. The implants were made by an American firm.

Iain added: “Life has been much better for Sam since he started receiving pain relief but Sam’s journey to an easier life and a permanent loving home is just beginning.”

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