It was dubbed Britain’s rudest shop – by the two men who ran it.

Terry Palfrey and Geoff Kemp were famous for their abrasive attitude towards customers who rubbed them up the wrong way.

Pushy punters were likely to receive a verbal volley before being told in no uncertain terms to leave the premises.

Now the Palfrey & Kemp homeware store in St Thomas Street, Lymington, has closed after 170 years with one final insult to shoppers.

A cheeky sign in the front window says: “**** off! We’re CLOSED.”

The empty shop is about to be converted into a Wetherspoon’s pub. The controversial scheme was approved last year, despite 900 objections from people who feared the venue would become a magnet for rowdy drinkers.

Palfrey & Kemp announced its demise with huge signs saying: “Britain’s rudest shop is closing down.”

As reported in the Daily Echo, Mr Palfrey’s pet hates included people rummaging in the linen and leaving finger marks on the cutlery.

But loyal customers spoke of their sadness at losing the popular store. Dennis Skillicorn jokingly described it as the “only place you can get a kicking and enjoy it”.

Town councillor Ted Jearrad added: “If you go in there, you know you’re going to get a bit of banter.”