A DISABLED man who lost his car parking bay may have one specially created outside his home – after his plight was revealed in the Daily Echo .

Roger Holmes and his neighbours have had their residents’ permit spaces removed as the Centenary Quay development work in Woolston continues.

Double yellow lines have instead appeared on Victoria Road and developers Crest Nicholson have offered a temporary car park.

Mr Holmes, 61, who has lived on the street for 20 years, said it was too far for him to walk to the new car park because he gets about on crutches and struggles with a heart condition.

However after the Daily Echo revealed the problem , parking officers promised to create a bay opposite Mr Holmes’ house.

He said: “What they are offering me is great. I love the idea.

“I cannot walk far at all and cannot exercise because of the strain on my heart.”

However, he expressed concern that his new parking space may block drivers’ vision because it is near a corner.

And he’s concerned about what is being done to help his neighbours.

He said: “Don’t do something for one person and then not for the rest of them.

“They’ve not got anywhere to park at all. I have a friend who works night shifts and he comes home at 3am and has nowhere near his home to park.”

Woolston city councillor Warwick Payne, who is also the Cabinet member for housing, said he had been lobbying parking officers about Mr Holmes’ situation and hopes to find a solution for everyone else.

He said: “I’d like residents in Victoria Road to be able to park as close to their homes as possible, and ideally right outside them.”

Bays and a car park have been allocated to the new-build houses in the Centenary development. And the short term car park will be available for a month after which it will be used by Centenary Quay residents.

There is no indication of where current residents could park in Victoria Road after that time.

Crest Nicholson has said proposals for works on Victoria Road have been approved by Southampton City Council .