THE mother of a taxi driver accused of murdering a Tadley teenager said she is a victim too.

As Robert Sebbage ’s family prepared to face Stelios Morfis in court today, his mother, Louise, reportedly said she has also lost her son.

Rhian and Andy Sebbage flew to Greece on Saturday for the trial, which was due to begin today, after their 18-year-old son was stabbed to death in July last year on the island of Zante, while on holiday with friends.

Mrs Morfis spoke to the national press for the first time since her son was arrested and charged with murder. She said: “My heart goes out to another mother, please tell her I want to hold her. No one can judge pain and no one feels it like the mother of a child.”

She reportedly placed a candle beside the spot where Robert died, adding: “We are both going through the same thing. We are both victims. She has lost her son and I have lost mine. For the rest of his life he will suffer for what he has done.”

But last week, Rhian, from Weyhill Close, Tadley, told The Gazette that Morfis will “never go through the pain we have gone through.”

She added: “I don’t know if him getting five or 25 years will make us feel better.”