EVERY day new mum Caroline Craft looks at her beautiful baby boy Archie she is reminded of the horrific and “unspeakable” attempt Matthew Cherry made on his precious life.

Miss Craft, 26, who is still a police officer in east Bournemouth, says Cherry’s actions will stay with her forever.

Prosecutor Matthew Jewell read part of her victim impact statement to the court.

He said: “She says she is still struggling to come to terms with the events of that day which she describes as terrifying.

“She will never forget them. She regards the behaviour of her attacker as unspeakable and simply cannot understand why the defendant attacked her in this way.

“It’s had wide-ranging consequences on her personal and professional life.

“She described herself prior as a strong, independent and confident woman.

“She feels she’s no longer the same person she was before. She describes the last 15 months as constantly looking over her shoulder.”

He said Miss Craft doesn’t feel safe in her own home and she said: “If you can’t feel safe there then where can you feel safe?”

Miss Craft describes herself as “a proud mum of a happy, beautiful little boy” and added: “When I look at him, I cannot imagine my life without him.

“I cannot dare to think how the outcome might have been so different had Matthew Cherry succeeded that day.”

In a statement issued after the case, Miss Craft said the last 18 months had been a “living hell.”

“The actions of Matthew Cherry on that day were callous, cold-hearted and utterly selfish.

“I will never forgive him for what he did to me and what he so nearly could have done to my baby.

“I thank God that despite Matthew Cherry’s efforts, my beautiful son Archie, was born healthy and unharmed by his actions.

“This verdict has given me some closure and I can hopefully start to move on with my life and build a future for me and my son.”

She thanked the police, family and friends for their support.