Two sisters have been killed in a car crash in Morocco, police said.

Pippa and Tara Darlington were on an ''adventure of a lifetime'' when they died.

Wiltshire Police said Pippa, 21, and Tara, 23, from Whiteparish, near Romsey , were killed in the road accident in the early hours of yesterday.

Their friend Joshua Stump, 21, also from Salisbury, was seriously injured and is in a coma in hospital.

Police said they were working with the Foreign Office.

The sisters' parents, Patrick and Emma, said in a statement released by police: ''We are as a family completely devastated at the loss of both our daughters, Tara and Pippa, in a car accident in Morocco yesterday morning.

''They were two of the most beautiful, dynamic, energetic and fun-loving girls who brought light and laughter to whoever met them.

''They made a difference to so many lives and they lit up every room on entering.

''This trip was to be an adventure of a lifetime for which they had planned, worked hard and saved together for months to be able to do.

''They were joined on this adventure by Josh Stump who is currently in a coma fighting for his life in Rabat Hospital.

''Our thoughts and prayers are for him and his parents and little sister Emily."

Mr and Mrs Darlington said their daughters were due to enter their final year of study at their respective universities.

Tara was studying media, journalism and sociology at Goldsmiths University in London.

''She had begun Savvy Social Media, her own small enterprise, offering social media solutions to small businesses,'' Mr and Mrs Darlington said.

''She worked for and ran their social media campaign and had recently completed a heartfelt profile about Rudi Richardson, the founder of Streetlytes - she hoped this was to be the first step in a long and successful career in journalism.

''On finishing university she had already been offered a role in New York which would have been a perfect vehicle for her talents and skill.

''Tara was beautiful, charming and vivacious; she had an energy and passion for everything she did.

''Fiercely family-orientated with high moral standards and integrity, Tara's smile lit up the room and her energy bounced off the walls.''

Her younger sister was studying law at Newcastle University.

''Typical of her vitality, strength of mind and ambition, Pippa was originally refused a place in the law school despite her three As at A-level.

''She challenged the head of law, asked to go and see him, which she finally did and won the place.

''Pippa was such a hippie. She lived her life in a delicious pink bubble and was well renowned for the off-the-wall comments.

''Pips brought fun, life and laughter to all. Gregarious, kind and thoughtful and particularly loyal, Pippa must have had six jobs on the go to accumulate funds for the trip.

''She loved a party, organising perhaps too many in the home which she loved.''

and prayers are for him and his parents and little sister Emily.''

Mr and Mrs Darlington said Tara and Pippa were the best of friends ''who loved doing everything together''.

''The 'Darlington double' were each others' soul mates,'' they said.

''They spoke last week of such a fabulous trip, golden sands next to an azure sea, with guaranteed sunshine and plenty of fish caught by Josh.

''They were having the time of their life and promised to be home in 10 days.

''Tara and Pips were everything to each other and also everything to us. They will be desperately missed. They will be forever young and together.''

The sisters' brother, Oscar, 15, said: ''They are my darling sisters and I love them very much.

''I was just reaching an age where we could do things together. Gone so soon but will never be forgotten and always in my heart.''

Mr Darlington, 62, is a former wine merchant and director of the Yellow Bike Company.

His wife Emma, 52, is a life coach and director of With Love Trading.