PLANS for five new houses to be built in Shyshack Lane, Baughurst, have been met by opposition from neighbours who are concerned about the impact of the planned development.

A planning application has been lodged with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to build two, two-bedroom, one three-bedroom and two, four-bedroom homes on a plot of land currently used as a rear garden of a property on the road.

The borough has already received four responses from neighbours against the proposed houses, which some fear would lead to extra traffic, the destruction of the Scots pines that surround the site, problems with the creation of an additional access road and the devaluation of existing homes.

John and Anne Hayward, of Shyshack Lane, fear their privacy would be compromised if the planning application is successful. The proposed houses would overlook their bungalow, where they have lived for more than 20 years.

Mr Hayward said: “They would be able to see right into our house – it would really affect our privacy.”

The application, which has been lodged by Nigel Rose Architects Ltd, will be decided on by the borough council. A decision will be reached this month.