A CHANDLER’S Ford firm is making waves in the fight against pirates.

Dasic Marine Ltd is the producer of Nemesis 5000, a water cannon which acts as an anti-piracy boarding deterrent system.

The Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC), which has employed the system across its fleet, has now been awarded the top prize in a state-run competition thanks to Dasic’s water cannon.

The unmanned system produces a constantly moving curtain of high pressure water jets around a vessel to stop pirates boarding it.

KOTC engineer and team leader, Nawaf Al-Shatti, said: “This device reduces piracy operations and its risks.”

Dasic Marine, which employs 18 staff at its site in Chandler’s Ford, began the anti-piracy collaboration with KOTC in 2010. Following a successful sea trial the cannon was rolled out to ships across the fleet.