JURORS hearing the case of a gang-of-four accused of slowly torturing a young man to death and then |setting fire to his body in a bin have visited the Southampton flat where he lost his life.

The six men and six women were taken into the first floor premises, where two of those accused of the killing were squatting at the time, to see for themselves where Jamie Dack was allegedly held, beaten and stabbed to death on Good Friday.

They were accompanied on the visit yesterday by barristers from the prosecution team as well as those representing each of the defendants.

Only one of the accused, Donna Chalk, decided to join the visit and was taken there in a prison van |during the trip to Bevois Mews.

As reported, Chalk is alleged to have murdered Jamie alongside Lee Nicholls, Ryan Woodmansey and Andrew Dwyer-Skeats, her then boyfriend with whom she was living at the address.

Jurors have been told how Jamie had been lured to the flat a day before he died and the group had hatched a plan to steal and sell his laptop for money to go to an all-night party in Bournemouth the following day.

When that failed, it is alleged, they decided to steal his cash card, with Nicholls saying he would beat Jamie’s personal identification number out of him.

That night, the court heard, Nicholls and the others carried out a savage attack on the vulnerable |22-year-old before putting him inside a wardrobe, his eyes blackened and covered in his own blood. They later got him out and made him scrub his bloodstains from the carpet while they watched over him.

He spent that night tied up on a duvet in the corner of the room.

The following day, after successfully selling the computer for £100, the group is alleged to have returned and delivered another beating which proved fatal.

Sickening images They even took pictures on Jamie’s own mobile phone as he knelt before them, battered and blood-soaked shortly before he died, it is claimed.

Jurors wept as they were shown the sickening images on the phone, which had been recovered by police from an industrial estate in Empress Road where Jamie’s body and bloodstained evidence were dumped and set on fire. The visit also took jurors to the scene of the fire in the early hours of Easter Sunday and to a Tesco Express garage in Lodge Road where Woodmansey used to sell The Big Issue and where he is said to have stolen £20 from Jamie’s account.

Chalk, 21, and Dwyer-Skeats, 26, of Bevois Mews, Nicholls, 28, of Southampton Street and Woodmansey, 32, of no fixed address, all deny murder.

The three men have admitted perverting the course of justice by disposing of and setting fire to Jamie’s body. Chalk denies that charge.