TWO girls have told a court how they heard a man threaten to kill Dele Little but did not believe it would come to anything.

Teenagers Jessica Boag and Kirsty Hampton both said they heard Aaron Roche ask his girlfriend Kayleigh Shinn to "point out" Dele when he arrived outside the West Totton Centre.

As previously reported Roche, who is accused of Dele's murder, had gone to an area known as "The Bull Ring" in Totton after hearing that Miss Shinn had been abused and hurt.

Winchester Crown Court heard how Jessica and Kirsty, who are both 18, had been at a party together at the community centre and were outside when they saw an argument taking place between a large group of people.

Jessica told the jurors how they knew Miss Shinn from college and recognised her and went to see if she was OK.

She said she had "asked the boys to calm down a bit because they were being a bit loud" and added that she told Dele that if he was going to have a fight with a girl he should ask another girl to do it, not himself.

She told the court he looked at me and said 'fair enough'.

Jessica described how she saw Roche arrive on the scene and said he was looking "a little bit angry". She said he left the area and came back a short while later and was "quite wound up".

She continued: "He looked really frustrated and really red in the face. He said to Kayleigh that he didn't know who he (Dele) was. He said if she wanted anything done she would have to come and point him out to her.

"I said to him to calm down, but I don't think he realised that I was there. What I heard from where I was sitting was 'I'm going to kill him, I'm going to stab him'."

Jessica told the court that she did not see a knife, adding: "I thought it was like turning around to someone and saying you hate them.

"I didn't think he was going to do anything."

Cross-examined by defence barrister Tim Mouseley QC, she said she had no doubt that it wasn't likely to be a fair fight, and that Roche was vastly outnumbered.

Kirsty described how Roche had an angry tone of voice and was heard to say "I need you to point him out, who he is and I'll kill him."

She said: "I never thought anything was going to come of it though. He seemed angry, but a lot of boyfriends would be if their girlfriend had been thrown over."

Roche, 21, of Ringwood Road, Lyndhurst, denies one count of murder.