SHE fell madly in love, charmed by how good he was with the children he had to vaccinate.

But Bharati Das’s whirlwind romance left her “finished, old goods” after marrying bigamist Kohli – who she knew as Mike Dennis.

Ms Das, pictured right at her ‘wedding’ with Kohli, was 32 when police finally caught up with her “husband” of just a month.

Only weeks earlier they had been pictured together, Kohli draped in a silk shawl, as they celebrated their “marriage” in the north Indian region of Kalimpong.

Ms Das told how she had been forced into hiding when the enormity of what her new “husband” had done came to light.

Describing how she wept on her bed, she said: “I have been married but now I have no husband. In our society no one will ever want to marry me now. I am finished, I am old goods.

“I loved him so much. I know what police are saying about him but I still cannot believe it is true. He was so kind and so good with the children we were vaccinating at the camp.”

Kohli had denied throughout his trial that a wedding had ever taken place, but Ms Das was firm that they had celebrated the marriage on June 17 2004. One month later Kohli took a phone call and began acting strangely, telling Ms Das to get ready to leave.

The following day, at a bus stop where they were waiting to travel to Nepal, police swooped and arrested Kohli who said; “I am innocent”.