Here are some of the most bizarre 999 cals received by amublance chiefs.

“We have had numerous calls to people with broken finger nails and also people who didn’t know who else to call to change a light bulb.”

“I had someone who had run out of medication six days previously but didn’t want to go and see their doctor. When he was told someone from NHS Direct was going to ring him he wouldn’t answer, resulting in a 999 response for a concern for welfare.”

“A woman refused to speak or answer the door. After police were called we found her in bed. She wanted a drink of water and it was too cold for her to get out of bed. We are public servants and therefore there to serve her, she told us incredulously.”

“We were called to an incident of uncontrolled bleeding, which turned out to be a popped spot.”

“A call came in from a careline for a patient in their 60s, saying the patient had fallen. When the crew arrived the patient only wanted the crew to get some cigarettes.”

“Help in finding a TV remote control.”