CONTROVERSIAL Lapland New Forest is continuing to disappoint its customers by refusing their demands for refunds.

The disastrous Christmas theme park – where elves were seen fighting and Santa was spotted on a cigarette break – closed without notice last month leaving thousands of ticket holders in the lurch.

Organisers had promised a “winter wonderland”, a “breathtaking” tunnel of light, gingerbread making, seasonal food and a fabulous Christmas market.

But in the first few days disappointed visitors complained there was no “snow”, long queues for Father Christmas and miserable staff – they even ran out of turkey, hot chocolate and gingerbread.

Ticket holders, who paid £30 per person, were told they could write to the Brighton address of those running the park to get their money back after its closure but so far there has been no joy.

Alan Turle, from Richards and Morgan solicitors, said his letter, written on behalf of a client, was marked as “delivery refused.”

Anna Piggott, from Barton on Sea, said her letter was returned to Brighton Post Office.

Meanwhile Nicky Cantello, from Blackfield, near Hythe, added: “I also sent two letters to both the registered addresses of Lapland New Forest – I haven’t yet received a reply to either.”

A Dorset County Council spokesman said: “A number of consumers have managed to get a refund through their debit or credit card company.

“We are aware that some consumers have tried to send letters to the registered office address for the company and these have been returned.

“The registered office is, at this moment, still the only proper address for the company where documents should be sent. It is important that consumers are able to show they have tried to make contact with this address.”

He said the council’s trading standards department is still gathering evidence and added: “We are happy with the way the investigation is proceeding. We hope shortly to be able to confirm what is happening to the company and who any creditors, including consumers, should contact.”

When the Daily Echo called the Brighton address, a man blamed the press for the fiasco.

When asked about refunds, he said: “How can we comment to the press after what you have done to us? I think people should be looking to the press to get their money back.”