AN extreme weather warning has been issued, with more snow and ice on the way for Hampshire tonight.

The Met Office issued the alert this afternoon and has urged people not to make unnecessary journeys because the roads will become extremely treacherous once again.

Sleet and rain are expected early on, which will turn to ice as the temperatures plummet overnight.

Police say the conditions will be compounded with more snow across the entire county and Isle of Wight first thing.

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The heaviest falls are expected to be in the north and north east of the county, prompting police chiefs to warn people not to travel unless its vital.

A spokesman said: “If you do have to drive, give yourself plenty of extra time, avoid heavy braking, and ensure you have a blanket, warm clothes and it is highly advisable to pack a hot drink.”

Gritters will be out in force through the night but are warning many roads, in particularly B and C category – will not be reached and therefore should be avoided.

Superintendent Phil Winchester said: “The force and its partner agencies are preparing now for the hazardous conditions anticipated this evening, and urge all motorists and road users to do the same.

“With the roads expected to become extremely treacherous, only travel if you really have to, and leave plenty of extra time for your journey.

“Also remember that if you have elderly or vulnerable residents in your neighbourhood, take some time to knock on their door and check that they are safe and warm.”