A GANG of youths lined a Southampton street before pelting motorists with snowballs, the Daily Echo can reveal.

The yobs, some as young as ten, terrorised drivers in Meggason Avenue in Townhill Park yesterday afternoon causing them to swerve on the treacherous roads.

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The youths finally stopped after some motorists parked their cars and chased them away.

One eyewitness said: “There were at least 15 kids who were throwing ice and snow at cars at close range.

Dangerous “Because the cars were driving slowly in the icy conditions the kids were running in between the cars so they could get even closer.

“Some were just inches from the cars they were throwing the snowballs at.

“Some of the drivers thought enough was enough and parked their cars and chased the kids away.”

A police spokesman said: “Having a snowball fight can be a lot of fun if it’s between friends but to target motorists especially in large groups at close quarters is not on.

“It can be quite dangerous and could result in damage to vehicles or even an accident.

“Quite a lot of the snow has now turned toice and this can be very hard when thrown.

“We would ask people not to do this and to think about the consequences. Enjoy the snow but go and do something else.”